Rapper Boosie Badazz decided to chime in on Dwyane Wade’s daughter’s transition. 

Wade visited the Ellen show and opened up about his 12-year-old child, Zaya, coming out as transgender. 

Boosie took to his social media to express his thoughts on Zaya’s transition. He states, “I gotta say something about this shit, bro. Dwyane Wade, you gone too fucking far, dawg,” he said. “That is a male. A 12-year-old. At 12, they don’t even know what they next meal gon’ be. They don’t have shit figured out yet. He might meet a woman, anything, at 16 and fall in love with her. But his dick be gone—how he gon’—like, bruh, you going too far, dawg.”

He continued, “Don’t cut his dick off, bruh. Like, bruh, for real, if he gon’ be gay, let him be gay. But don’t cut his dick off, bruh. Don’t—and dress him as a woman, dawg. He’s 12 years old. He’s not up there year. He hasn’t made his final decisions yet. Don’t cut his fucking dick off, Dwyane Wade, bruh. You fucking trippin’, dawg.”

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  1. I agree if they plan on allowing this little boy to have a sex change. A sex change is going too far….simple. He needs to age, mature and experience life before he makes a permanent decision like THAT.

  2. He’s not up there (yet)*

  3. I think ppl r free to say what they want only when it comes to ppl that can’t defend their self keep the children out of it no matter what

  4. Boosie has a point know 12 year old should make that decision he’s rite he’s not even a teenager please don’t sign for that he’s going though a fade if he want it when you have know part to play but to still love your child that’s a difference and you will have know regrets

  5. I AGREE with Boosie he’s just Confused NOW Give Time Time let him at least become a 21 yr old Man before you cut Any body parts off I have NOTHING Against Gay people I have Some people Dear to me that are Gay but in between just give it a little more time he’s still a baby

  6. I agree with Busey I’m so sick of all this fucking gay shit. I cannot believe Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle union I’m trying to figure out who the fuck these people live in where I come from

  7. I agree with boosie, that bby is only 12… He still in sin under his parents, kids don’t know what they want at that age… He might just be confused bc of what he seen his dad do or what the media is saying… Don’t take that bby innocents away from him…??

  8. He is to young! They don’t know about being gay unless you teach or show him. He’s to young to make such a severe choice like that & when he change his mind he’s going to blame you. Sacrifice yo children? You wasn’t raised that way, why you ain’t cut yo dick off?..
    I’ll wait…………..

  9. I don’t think it’s anyone’s bizziness what he an his family is doing on some real shit everyone has their opinion but at the end of the day it’s his son not yours an if he feels that’s what he wants who are we to judge. It’s part of their culture.how do u know if he making the right decision? It’s his at the end of the day instead of putting him down jus mind your own bizziness worry bout ur kids not his he an his wife will do what’s best for their son

    1. Well, he put his business out there so if he didn’t want anyone to talk about it then he should have kept it to hisself. Nobody want to hear that craziness anyway.

  10. I sort of agree if my child told me they wanted to have sex at 12 you’d say wait what’s the difference! He’s saying he’s too young, ppl get so in they feelings about stuff! He’s right in my opinion and we are all entitled to one! So let’s be logical and not sensitive!!! He said nothing about his decision being wrong just premature ?

  11. I agree with Bootsie Bad ass don’t cut his dick off dog don’t castrate your son cause at 12 he dont even know what to do with it yet. Peace

  12. True facts

  13. I feel Boosie is right that is a child no 12 yr old child should be able to make that type of decision. like who’s the parent and who’s the child

  14. You right I agree with you.

  15. He would receive back lash 4being real no kid should b tampered with being gay is way diffrent then cutting off his penis at that age kids are so indecisive oneday u want this the next day it’s something different stop trying to make it seem like he said somthing wrong yeah 2all you evil mofos saying and doing the right thing is frowned upon so much now a days but 2all the good hearted people stand strong we got eachother Bossie thats whats up preach the truth its time 4change more and more people need 2start being more honest and real

  16. I’m with the rapper this world has became sicker and sicker parents agreeing with their kids then 12 (He) is still a baby smh man this hurt to hear this he want to waste money give it away to someone who needs it

  17. Harsh contents shouldn’t be made towards this child’s decision because at the end of the day it’s the child’s decision. Whether foolish or bot, this child may grow up a bit differently than others in addition to being special in their own way she may grow up to be wonderful and enjoy a bomb sweet 16? with amazing friends and an even more amazing boyfriend and or girlfriend, who knows the possibilities are endless and it’s only 2020! Life stories begin when you make change and this apparently it’s Dwane Wade’s call at this point.

    I’m not picking sides no, none of that, I love Boosie, and tbh don’t know much about wade. I just heard his name allot, anyway just from thinking at 21. I’d probably do anything to get my father’s opinion on something, not sure what wade was thinking of to make this decision ? furthermore the story shall continue. And I pray that 12 year old Zaya (??? which is a beautiful name, I hope it’s short for something)… Yea other than that I’m not sure if there’s anything else to it

  18. The Blame Should Be Put On This Fucked Up Country We All Reside In. Attacks On Black Men Has Never Ceased. Slaving Us Out Beating Us Killing Us Now More Long Prison Sentence To Make Punks Out Of Us. Gay Ass Trump Crying About Long Prison Sentences For The 11 Men That He Just Let Out Of Prison While Black Men Suffer Under The Authorities Of This Law System And Brutality Of Each Other Behind Prison Walls. We Have Been Selected Neglected And Unprotected By People Whom Claim Not To Be Racists. Yet They Are The Only People On The Planet That Kills People Over And Over With No Consequences. The Only Time We Are Allowed To Have A Voice Is When We Are Attacking Each Other. Think About It. The Philadelphia Experiment / Black Wall Street / AIDS / Ebola / As Dr. Sabi Figured Out The Only Disease Is Mucous Which Many Diseases Like Cancer Comes From. We Dig Into Each Other And This Is the Only Time We Are Allowed To Have A Voice As Men. When We Are Pent Against Each Other. As A Black Man Whom Fault As A Young Black Child To Keep Punks From Raping Me And My Brother I Fault Hard As Hell To Stay Strong As The Black Man I Am Today Wasn’t Easy But My Brother And I Survived It All Without Getting Punked Out. I Had To Fight For My Life And I Won. As A Father I Feel Real Bad For D. Wade This Gotta Be Painful. None Of Us As Black Men, Could Ever Imagine In Our Wildest Dreams Of Dealing With A Son Who Thinks He’s A Woman With A Wife Who Backs That Type Of Shit. With A Country That Rather See Women Kids And Punks Have More Power Than A Real Black Man. You’re Not A Real Man If You Think You’re A Woman. God Don’t Make Mistakes. D. Wade We All Love You Bro. Truth Is We Don’t Know What You Are Going Through But This Isn’t Something Of A Black Mans Nature But Something Forced On Us In This Fucked Country We All Reside In. This Is My Own Opinion Of Me And Mine. My Sons And I Will Fight To The Death When It Comes To Someone Trying To Punk Anyone In My Blood Line. So Let’s Put This Blame On The People Whom Been Authorities Over Our Lives Every-since They Brought Us Here. We Are The Experiments And Our Families Sons And Daughters Are At Risk Here In The United States. Think About It Soldiers We Go To War For This Country Come Back Home And The War Is On Our Families. Our Old Stomping Grounds Become The New War Zones On The Streets We Grew Up In Our Home Towns. Let’s Start Looking At More Than Ourselves. D. Wade No Disrespect Bro But Respectfully It Couldn’t Be My Son Nor Me In This Situation Without Someone Getting Seriously Hurt. This How True Black Men Feel. If Y’all View Us Wrong For Expressing How We Truly Feel, Your Reactions Would Be The Proof Needed To Show Black Men Don’t Have A Place Here In This Country. We Feel This Shit Is Wrong And As Black Men We Should Be Able To Voice Our Opinion On It. You Don’t Like It Don’t Throw It Up In Media, And Wait On Us To Respond And Try To Shoot Down Strong Sound Mines In Order To Keep Our Children Confused. Lil Boosie / Pastor Troy And So Many Brothers That Are Not Superstars Agree To This. Stop Trying To Confuse Our Children. If That’s Okay With You Keep That Shit Out Of The Media Away From Our Kids. All True Black Men Will Agree To This. Stop Trying To Confuse All Young Black Men Growing Up.

  19. Rapper Boosie??????OhYou so true that’s some sick shit. The devil using parents. Who in the hell speak on a 12 yrs old unless u gay? And maybe the child mislead. Y’all need Jesus for real God don’t make boys & boys or girls & girls. Why go to hell? get Professional help parents!!??????

  20. Why are people criticizing him for being one of the black people or performers to speak this crap is wrong he is child what has happened to the world where children can make life decisions for them selves I can’t stand our president but if supporting him means stopping these people in my country from ruining our future as a nation then dammit let’s make America great again crap like this is how he gets the support that he does children can identify with anything but should not be allowed no matter what to change what god has created until they are legally adults if you can’t legally fight for a freedom that should be granted to a adult then you should not legally have it there parent’s can’t sign a waiver for them to fight for this country they should not be able to sign away a child’s sexually not who they want to be with but away with the way they were created

  21. You forgot the talk about the backlash in an article about the backlash.

  22. I feel the same way as boosie D wade has lost his mind..u are his father guide him lead him not follow him that’s wat real parents do..our children never like our decisions..Hell I never like the decision that was made for me as a child..but I’m still here raising my children it’s been times my children said they hated me ..but that’s wat comes from being parent that loves his or her child all my children will tell u my father was a hard man .. we didn’t like wat he told us or his actions..but I guarantee u all my children will say they thank God for me as a father..the same as I told my father who told me things I didn’t understand as a child ..but my father and Mother was and is still to this day the greatest influence on my life til this day R.I.H mom & pops

  23. I agree with Boosie, the child is just beginning to grow out of puberty. He hasn’t began to know his sexuality so why not wait until he’s 18yrs old to make his own decision. There’s too much pain coming out of this situation. DWade wants to support his child as we all should but at what point does he decide whether he wants to take the easy decision or be a parent. Being transgender is not the problem here, the problem is whether it is setting a precedence that children make their own decisions. DWade can talk like because he’s financially secure and can support the internal pain that might occur. God Bless them in weathering the storm that has appeared.

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