In a highly competitive sea of emerging rappers and MCs, Splash God Mac Lan, an Alameda-proud rapper, is quickly climbing the ranks as a force to be reckoned with. It’s been said that overtime a person will start to morph into the people they surround themselves with. Splash God has been around Oakland’s hip-hop legends, and you can hear it in his songs.

Getting his start in 2007 as a hype man for other artist, the idea came to fruition when it was time for Splash God to get his own views across. Instead of boxing himself in with the slew of rappers focusing their efforts on pumping out meaningless party songs, Splash God Mac Lan is pushing creative boundaries and sonically shaping the sound of a new generation of artist.

Splash God Mac Lan serves as two outlets, two sets of crafts that have meticulously been mastered. “I always say, I needed Splash God around because if I was to ever get into the studio with big names like The Jacka, and Too $hort, and Mistah F.A.B., I have to be able to go in there and knock it out.” says Splash God, “I know when Splash is around I’m going straight in, I’m knocking it out, he’s the life of the party,” he added.

While Splash God has been belting vibrantly energetic songs since his Volume One: Enter The Splash God release, Mac Lan has been challenging status quos with effervescent thought-inspiring bars. It’s a beautiful symbiotic relationship. Whether it’s Splash God or Mac Lan taking charge in a song, neither come off as part of a fabricated character. They’re two different yet effective ways of self-expression.

Splitting his time between Las Vegas and Alameda, Splash God Mac Lan has been paying his dues with an unmatched work-ethic. He’s the first one in the studio, booking multiple days a week, and he’s usually the last one out every day, and his rambunctious performances have garnished Splash God a devoted following both in his native Bay Area and his endeavours in the competitive Las Vegas hip-hop scene.

On the heels on his latest project, Volume 3: Police State, Splash God is at the sharpest and most developed in his career. Going through monumental life changes like fatherhood, and a newfound place in the Muslim Faith, has pushed Splash God to produced some of his most riveting work to date. Volume 3 is Splash God’s foray into his continued revitalization and domination of modern music.

–  Alan Madrigal


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