The fresh flavorful “Tycoon Boss’ ‘, adds some spice to the game with an ultra-fine voice giving you a taste of a Bosses Life. Born in Louisiana, and raised in Los Angeles, CA. “Tycoon Boss” has been doing music for over 15 years, not taking his craft seriously at the time he realized it’s something he can actually pursue. “Tycoon” like others faced trials and tribulations but yet overcame every battle and is now using his voice to be heard. With musical influences from Mac Dre, Suga Free, and 2pac you get “Tycoon Boss”. Growing up around the D-boys and Pimps, Tycoon decided to take his career to the next level. His main goals are to deliver a message and connect with the masses dealing and living with real-life reality’s standing strong and living by “When I was looking for my friend, I found my enemy”. “Tycoon Boss” is set to bring forth the ultimate package, as he gives us a snippet of a Bosses Life, stay tuned for more music and videos.


Jackiie LA


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