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Gu Mitch Starts The Year Off Strong With New Visuals For “Clear The Scene”


Gu Mitch also known as King Guwii has been working to make himself a household name in music for years now. Growing up in Paterson New Jersey Mitch often reflects on his past life In his music and its one of the driving forces which motivates him to continue to become one of the very best artists’ of this generation. Starting as a solo artist he eventually got himself on the Radar of New Jersey Music Executive Nitt Da Gritt who formed the group Guwii Kidz consisting of himself and another Paterson hit-maker Bally (23). Having to pivot back to solo artist after Bally was forced to take a brief hiatus from music, Gu Mitch showcases his ability to take on any responsibility when It comes to music.

Ending 2019 with his highly anticipated Heron project, including visuals to the track “08$oicyboyz” Mitch gave fans exactly what they needed to end the decade off on a good note. To start 2020 he is showing an even stronger work ethic than he has shown in years prior. Mitch started the year releasing “High Thoughts” Remix featuring  his close friend and frequent collaborator Retchy P. He also released the video for “Brick For Brick” and also another single which was not on his project, “Coffin“. In most of his music Mitch uses his lyrics and experiences as motivation and a way to vent. Growing up in Paterson Mitch has seen his share of tragedy and he uses music to help himself cope and also to help other people get over tragedy in their own lives.

Mitch continues to drop quality content in the new year with visuals for “Clear The Scene” which  was one of his most impressive tracks on the Heron project. With every new song and video Mitch continues to show his growth as an artist and growth in his creative direction. His videos have always had elements which make it stand out but with the drops of “Brick For Brick” and his new drop “Clear The Scene” he clearly shows his commitment to music and getting better as an artist.

Teaming with J.R Saint Mitch delivers some very unique visuals for one of the most impressive tracks on his Heron project. Filmed in Paterson and featuring comedian Darius Dk he puts a spotlight on his past life while adding a comedic element to the video. The video also features Dj Wreckless and many other famous Paterson natives. With this video Mitch sets the bar high for himself when it comes to visual content. Shortly after dropping Heron, Mitch was seen days later already working on new music. Over the years he has proved to have a strong work ethic and in just two months he has already been on pace to outperform himself.  Heron has almost passed 1 million streams on SoundCloud alone. Be on the lookout for more new content coming soon from the Jersey hit-maker.


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